Visual Artist
& Designer

Herwig is an award-winning visual artist and designer, who is currently based in Vienna. He is working accross various disciplines and enjoys to materialize digital things in tangible media. Due to his background in graphic design and architecture, Herwig is invested in the abstract representation of space, places and objects.

The raw material for his work is often data and therefore, providing data with a voice is an intrinsic part of his process. Data needs to be crafted into a story in order to be heard.
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of Inequality

This series of large scale prints shows visualizations of median household income in selected cities. The images are abstract height maps on a high-resolution matrix of cubes. The height of the cubes corresponds to the income in the respective output area. The growing series currently covers Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Paris.
The intention was to show income segregation through striking images that retain the visual footprint of the city’s street grid. Here, income segregation is a literal wall in a geographic sense, where people from one area do not have acces to the other.



Visuals for 101

The visualizations were made for 101, an innovative studio for coding and design. See their work over here
The rendering below shows 3D scans of all team members pieced together to a sculpture. 

3D Scan   


… is key to the process