Herwig Scherabon is an award-winning artist, who is currently based in Vienna. He is invested in digital interpretations of nature and sublime phenomena. The outcome is often, but not exclusively, audiovisual installations with computer generated imagery.

Recently Herwig has had exhibitions in Berlin, Paris, New York City and Seoul. If you are interested to collaborate do not hesitate to get in touch :)

Opium Or The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Being Half Awake, 2019
Entkunstung III, January 2020
Vangardist Magazine #15, Robotic Love Edition, November 2019
GEO, issue 01/2017, Gruner + Jahr, January 2017
Computer Arts Magazine, issue 261, Future plc, January 2017
El País Semanal, El País, January 2017
The Scotsman, Johnston Press, September 2016

Exhibitions (Selection)

01/2021 —The 5th Floor, Tokyo, JP
02/2020 —Bethanien Creative Quarter, Berlin, GER
07/2020 —Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach, AUT
01/2020—Kunstraum LLLLLL, Vienna, AUT
11/2019 — thescreenisnotthelimit, Online Biennale
11/2019 — S/O, Vienna, AUT
11/2019 — Museum Of The City Of NY, NYC, USA
10/2019 — Seoul Future Conf., Seoul, KR
07/2019 — Millepiani, Rome, IT
06/2019 – Espace EDF BAZACLE, Toulouse, FR
06/2019 — ISEA, Gwangju, KR
06/2019 — Spring Festival, Graz, AUT
05/2019 — Take Festival, Vienna, AUT
05/2019 – Artivive “Walkie Talkie”, Vienna, AUT
03/2019 – Diagonale Graz, AUT
02/2019 — Austrian Cultural Forum, Berlin, DE
01/2019 – Improper Walls Vienna, AUT
05/2018 – Fondation EDF Paris, FR
09/2017 – Pratt Manhattan Gallery, USA
08/2016 – Glasgow School of Art, UK
12/2017 – Biotop, AUT

Awards & Residencies

08/2019 – LABVERDE Art Residency, Amazon, Brasil
05/2017 – European Design Award
11/2016 – Information is Beautiful Award
07/2016 – Print Futures Award


05/2021 – Bauhaus, Weimar, GE
05/2021 – University of Presov, SK
06/2018 – Bauhaus, Weimar, GE
05/2017 – Universtity of York, York, UK

Days, Weeks, Months

Augmented reality experience, tablet, wooden box

The piece is a play between social media aesthetics and our own body. The fascination with our own image is like a jelly substance, that distorts our senses. Often enough the relationship between screen and viewer is like the relationship between a parasite and its host. In gloomy moments when we are thrown back at ourselves, like during the pandemic in 2020, we tend to stick to our screens. Or do the screens rather stick to us? Sight halfway blurred, thoughts numb and endlessly reflecting themselves.



Fixe Drone

View Video with Sound
Collaboration with Bastian Ferrero
Single-channel audiovisual video
HD Video, 3:16 min.

The video is an exploration of the invisible. A simple inanimate object in a seemingly familiar environment. Yet we never see the workings beneath the surface – the conspiracy of processes, the boogie man’s plan. What does it want? It most likely does not want anything. Wanting is a deeply human condition. It just evolves out of itself and then revolves around everything else until it swallowed the whole world.

Music: Bastian Ferrero
Video: Herwig Scherabon

Voices: I.O. (Isidora O'Ryan)
Mixing & mastering: Francesco Fabris