Against Nature

Solo exhibition at a chapel in Neukölln, Berlin, July 2021
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Against Nature, by Herwig Scherabon, is a multimedia exhibition that belongs to a body of work that navigates between artistic and philosophical research. The metaphorical notion of acoustic space and bodily and cognitive experiences underwrites predispositions towards immersion. The variously phenomenological, correlational and mystical positions that support the predominance of the immersive are subject to critique before suggesting a stronger distinction between nature and its representation.

Scherabon expanded the audio-visual material collected in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil to create a pilgrimage around a history of fabricated notions on the natural and our position as a species within a shared environment. The artworks on display are audio-visual objects as well as works in virtual and augmented reality.

Curated by ENTKUNSTUNG //

Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin, BMKOES, and Labverde.