Virtual Reality Experience
8:13 min.
Screenrecording of the VR experience

The VR experience is an abstract dive into ecological decay and man made destruction. The virtual environment is a 3D scan of a part of the Amazonian rainforest that I made during the memorable burnings in 2019 that were so destructive that in Sao Paolo, roughly 2000 Kilometers south of the Amazon, black rain was falling from the sky as it was tainted with the ash of the forest. This intense experience manifests in the artwork through a dazzling and almost physical experience of deconstruction, decay and transformation. The rainforest in the form of a point cloud is audio-reactive and transforms over the course of the roughly eight minute experience from a recognisable forest towards a state of chaos and disorder, before it eventually finds it’s form again – indicating the idea of resurrection that is inherent in the lifecycle of destruction.