ENT005 – Adorno – Fun ist ein Stahlbad – 

Collaboration with ENTKUNSTUNG
Augmented reality experience,
Vinyl artworks in AR and print

Celebrating the release of ENTKUNSTUNG’s fifth record, an AR app brings the vinyl’s booklet to life and showcases interactive visuals. It creates a unique listening experience of the eight-track album “Fun ist ein Stahlbad” which deliberately oscillates between ambient and techno. Eight sentient objects—3D scans from actual objects, but digitally transformed—that come to life when using the app together with a 16 pages booklet sold with or without the double 12” transparent vinyl. Each spread triggers a track and audioreactive animation that complements the sound and people can interact with.

Album written and produced by
Felipe Duque
Graphic design: Maximilian Mauracher and David Rindlisbacher
App development: Refrakt
Photos: Felix Werinos