As plants have agency and objects contain transcendence we find the chaos of birth as well as the darkness of death in all life around us. Nature is not a sunset in Bali but it is the sum of all things that happened and possibly can happen which is inherent in all life. A piece of paper or a a crystal on an LCD screen are as much nature as the flowers they show.
A 3D scan or an origami folding is a snapshot of an object. They are frozen images in a vast space captured in a short moment of eternity. On screen they are merely holographic ghosts and they speak to us from a place where there is no time and space. These plants are not plants but they are the narrative of the material with which they were created.
Or they are the carbon they will release once they are dead. If we look at this screen we do not really see flowers but in fact we see the darkness that lies within all life.